The Solution

The Solution

When veterans return home, isolation is their biggest enemy for service members and their families,  while searching for the path in re-connecting to civilian life. The VOICE THRU ART FOUNDATION is the connection between what he or she was doing in military service and what they are doing in civilian life. There are very few jobs in America, which cater to the training received while fighting in a war. We serve the "Tweener" veteran communities who have returned are in a state of flux. Service members are looking for the next challenge and we at the VTAF with our partnership with local 501c3 organizations want to be present supporting their efforts to bring some joy to service members and their families. 

Expression is Key

Voice Thru Art Foundation (VTAF) - provides a safe, clean environment for combat veterans to learn healthy avenues of expression. The VTAF Is the first step to welcome returning Veterans to fight isolation, PTSD, and TBI. It is run by A staff who have dedicated itself to over 25 years of Art, instruction, and service. It serves as a return point to activate our veterans into action.

PROFILE: Thomas Toomey

A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Thomas Toomey who suffers from PTSD and TBI is considered 100% disabled and has gone through extensive physical and emotional rehabilitation, says it best:

“Everyone in life has something that helps them feel normal, a sense of pride and worth. For me it is my art. I was hung-up on a hook never to be used again by the Army. My life as I knew it ended. Yet, even though suffering from both physical and emotional injuries I picked up a pencil and started expressing myself on paper again. I now draw invasive portraits of people. People with eyes that make you question yourself.

Art is a way for me to excel, to feel pride that I had while wearing a uniform. When I can’t sleep at night, or when I have a crying spell in the day, I draw. It’s such a relief to have a positive outlet for my emotions.”

PROFILE: Gerald Lilliard

Their is no better purpose in life than to share ones gifts. My goal as an artist is to further my purpose by showing more of my work around the country and world. I realize to share my work is like blowing inspiration in ones spirit and by doing this you can transform ideas and feelings of ones life for the greater good, their is no better gift to give....


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