The world needs more color, more fun and more personal interaction.

 Ideally, a class should have a minimum of 10 people and no more that 25 participants.

Voice Thru Art Foundation provides a fun atmosphere with a relaxing approach to art that allows everyone to proceed at their own pace. In fact, some of our students have been so taken by the art experience that they decided to pursue art as a full time career. 

We are currently seeking to host events in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and Tallahassee. We are always interested in teaming up with local veterans organizations to bring some color to their lives.

We have three specific types of events to fit any need:

Art 180 !!!!!

 $50. 00 for three hours of fun,  (cost includes all materials and instruction)

Minimum 10 people

 Art has the power to turn anyone’s day around, Art 180 is three hours, where we come to a location and sling paint, enjoy a quick fun exercise around abstract art.  All participants will go home with a painting, and the feeling that there is more to life than just getting by. Your success is guaranteed by just showing up and enjoying time with family and friends.

ART 360!!!!

Two Days of Fun ! (Weekend workshops)

An in - depth look into art as communication.

$100.00 per participant – This is 8 hours of Painting and art expression on a deeper level. As usual all supplies and instruction are provided.

10 person minimum

 This teaching event shall be a 2 day event (Weekend Workshops)

Day 1 begins at between 3 and 3:30 PM and ending at 6:30 PM - 

Introduction of the 2 day event will begin with group abstract painting, a short lesson on symbols and meaning, followed by a small individual paintings to take home. We will give out sketch books and pencils for a fun homework assignment for families to do together.

Day 2 begins at 1 PM to 6 PM

Finish 2nd layer abstract painting, using symbols, learning light and shading, add in a little still life exercise in sketch books, take a 30 minute break for snacks, etc. Finally we will challenge ourselves with a Mystery Masters reproduction to take home.

Art For Life !!! (3 months of intensive instruction)

Inserting art into your life.


University level projects and University level instruction ( 3 months) 

We at the Voice Thru Art Foundation have added this course, due to the amazing response to our program, some not all service members want to make art a carreer. Our director has had over 30 years of professional and feels that if there is a desire, he wants to support these men and women follow their dream. This is an all inclusive program to train, educate, and mentor participants who want to give art a shot as a living. We are here for them in all areas. It has also proven to be an amazing program in stress relief for many who participate.

 Art Exhibitions

We are proud to host events throughout the state of Florida. To name a few - The first Coast Defense Contractors Expo in Jacksonville Fl. and Miami Art Basel Pinion Gallery Exhibition.  The VTAF is always looking for venues that support our Veterans and their artwork. In 2014 we are working on securing a space to promote and sell our artists work. Please contact David McLeish at 386-679-0924 if you would like to support our service members in this cause.

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