Events, Exhibitions, and Artwork

The power of art!

 Voice Thru Art Foundation is a Florida not-for-profit that partners with Veteran Organizations and provides friendly fun events for Veterans and their families through art. Everyone craves the chance to socialize, meet new friends, learn something new, express themselves, but most of all to have a purpose that inspires.

 Did you know that approximately 13.8 million Americans enjoy art, with at least 2.4 million painting or drawing two or more times each week.

 We offer Three types of activities for Veterans and their families

 PAINT with PRIDE - is a social outing for the community. It is all about FUN, Families and painting.

 PICK one PLATOON - we paint banners and have hundreds of people sign them, then we send them off to Platoons stationed over seas.

 PTSD and TBI workshops - private painting with veterans stuggling to deal with post war scars, both hidden and visible. At VTAF, it is our goal to teach ‘How to Fish‘ and support each individual to move forward into what drives their passion. It is anonymous and private but it is our overall mission, and why we created the VTAF. 

 ”I really can’t say enough that this class came at a critical time for me.  Not only in my development as an artist, but as a future teacher.  You’ve really inspired me to up the level of my work as a teacher so that I can effect students the way you’ve effected myself and the entirety of the class”

 Aspiring teacher –

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